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Picanova to present its high-tech fulfillment solutions at Visual 1st

Picanova, a world-leading manufacturer of individual wall decorations, will present its print à la carte as high-tech fulfillment company at Visual 1st (formerly Mobile Photo Connect) in San Francisco from October 22-23, 2018. Picanova’s managing director and co-founder Philipp Mühlbauer will speak about personalization, the 3D scanning technology as well as new revenue streams in the panel discussion “Monetizing Photos through Print: Winning Tactics in a Rapidly Evolving Environment”.

Picanova will also team up with Embody Digital and its Founder and CEO Ari Shapiro. Shapiro will present a solution to create personalized avatars from 3D scans. Hans Hartmann, Chair of Visual 1st, has been full-body scanned during photokina in Cologne and will now be presented as animated avatar. Picanova and Embody Digital will present new chances that derive from animated avatars – be it for sporting app or gaming.

“We are thrilled working with Embody Digital and bringing very attractive services to the printing industry in the US. In 2017 more than 1.2 trillion photos have been taken and this number is even growing. The question is how to monetize these photos and we will present different possibilities at Visual 1st.”, said Philipp Mühlbauer, co-founder and managing director of Picanova Group. “Embody Digital’s access to an amazing market and our product and services suite will enrich each other.”

And Ari Shapiro, Founder of Embody Digital, adds “The ability to control our online digital personas - what we look like, what we say and how we are seen - has never been greater than what is possible today with 3D scanning and embodiment technologies.”


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