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All the latest updates in one place. to introduce first automated 3D scanner at Technopolis in Belgium

After carrying out tests with 4000 visitors at Technopolis, Picanova has automated their 3D full-body scanning solution. Picanova’s has revolutionized the scanning process and created the world’s first self-service body scanner: users just need to scan the RFID bracelet they receive when entering Technopolis and the automated voice explains what to do. Technopolis is a science and technology center for the whole family.

“Since our first scanner in March 2017 we’ve steadily improved the technology. This is the 3rd generation of our 3D scanners, able to scan up to 1000 people a day,” explains Michel Brull, Head of 3D at Picanova. “Self-service makes life easier for a lot of people. We’ve kept it as simple as possible and now it’s a very quick and convenient solution for the ever-growing 3D market. Our avatars can be used for social media, sporting apps and gaming, to name just a few examples.”

“Our goal is to get as many people as possible fascinated about new technologies. When we first got to know about Picanova’s technology, we were convinced that this would really capture the attention of our visitors! You don’t run into a 3D scan every day, do you?!” states Ester Blockx, Sales & Marketing Director at Technopolis.

The scanning procedure takes just 5 seconds. Shortly afterwards the user receives a mini-me in 3D form that can be used for social commerce or video games.

Entertainment parks, event organizers and retail outlets will now have a tool for increasing their online presence – as well as making money – by selling figurines. handles all operations, customer support and production.


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