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CANVASDISCOUNT Announces Creativity Scholarship Winner

CANVASDISCOUNT are delighted to announce the winner of our Creativity Scholarship: Jake Juliano, a Construction Engineering major at Arizona State University!

The Creativity Scholarship was launched by CANVASDISCOUNT as part of our commitment to fostering innovation and inspiring creative minds. We sought out a student who had the vision and drive to pursue their creative dreams, and Jake was the perfect fit.

In his essay Jake explored the topic of creativity from a very personal viewpoint, and we were excited to learn about his engineering and design projects. As the winner of the Creativity Scholarship, Jake will receive $2000 to put towards achieving his creative and career goals.

At CANVASDISCOUNT, we believe in the power of creativity. We know what a positive impact it can have on the world, and we’re committed to helping students like Jake realize their creative ambitions and build a brighter future. We’re sure that Jake will make the most of this opportunity and we wish him the very best of luck!


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