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 📸 Exciting News! TCG's B2C Brand MEINFOTO Featured in Today's BILD release.

We are excited to announce that our consumer brand, MEINFOTO, has secured a partnership with BILD, Germany's highest-circulation and most influential newspaper.

This exclusive collaboration provides BILD Club members up to 30% off MEINFOTO's photographic products and services through October 31, 2023. The offer is also promoted on BILD's website and social channels.

With a daily readership of over 9 million, BILD is the go-to news source for one in four Germans. This #partnership provides increased brand visibility for MEINFOTO among BILD's massive, loyal audience.

As one of Germany's leading and most trusted print-on-demand shops, MEINFOTO is committed to helping customers preserve cherished memories through stunning photographs. This strategic alliance allows us to introduce our quality products to millions of new potential customers.


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