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Leading with MEINFOTO: The Customization Group's Success in Germany and Austria!

Exciting news from, a leading brand of The Customization Group! Our photo calendar has just been named the "Test Winner" in Smartphone Magazin, shining in Germany's competitive market against top names like Pixum, CEWE, myphotobook, posterXXL, smartphoto, ifolor, and myposter.

This recognition is a significant global nod to our commitment to quality and innovation. The 'very good' rating for our photo calendar and the 'excellent' review for our user-friendly software reflect the exceptional work of our Szczecin, Riga and Cologne teams. Their efforts demonstrate the pioneering spirit of the Customization Group, setting us apart in a field full of strong competitors.

For MEINFOTO, this win is more than just an award; it's a sign of our ongoing dedication to leading the way in the personalized photo product market.


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