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MYPICTURE: “Memories Inside” – for a first impression that lasts

Photos and cherished memories have always gone hand in hand, and with the rise of customized photo products that link has become stronger than ever. Few things compare to the excitement of waiting for an order of custom wall art – and the new MYPICTURE packaging features a message that aims to match that sense of anticipation.

Customers in the UK (and over 170 countries worldwide) will find their wall art deliveries emblazoned with a new slogan: Memories Inside. So now the unique appeal of custom photo products will be reflected in the packaging – with some creative bonus contents ensuring certain customers get that little bit extra even after opening!

“We’re talking about improving the customer experience, but also about fine-tuning brand awareness,” says Joey Toh, Director of Marketing, E-Commerce & Online. “MYPICTURE stands for innovation and individual solutions, and these are the areas we want to draw customer attention to.”

Improving the customer experience

Under a successful pilot scheme, promo slips and mini MIXPIX® photo tiles were included with many deliveries. The 10 x 10cm MIXPIX® displayed either popular quotes or handy decoration tips to help customers get inspired.

The final stage of the scheme will be the official introduction of the new packaging design – at first just for wall-decor products up to 40 x 30cm. “We’re aiming for a swift expansion of this initiative and a continually improving customer experience,” says Toh. “MYPICTURE is synonymous with meaningful moments, so it’s fitting that the path we’re on leads away from the same old soulless brown cardboard box.”


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