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MYPICTURE: A commitment to our planet

Photo gifts made from renewable materials

Sustainability and the responsible use of our planet’s resources are topics on everybody’s minds. MYPICTURE supports the campaign for eco-friendly production practices, and for years now a selection of MYPICTURE products have been manufactured using recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood.

Canvas has become the signature product in the MYPICTURE range, and this can be explained in large part by the natural appeal of the materials used. The spruce-wood frame of every canvas print is made from Forest Stewardship Council-approved timber. And the same is true of the photo paper used in several other MYPICTURE products. Customers who choose MYPICTURE are choosing environmental protection and the responsible use of forest resources.

A creative approach to the ocean waste problem

Our marine ecosystems are suffering the effects of pollution more and more, and plastic waste is one of the main culprits. It can seem like solving the problem requires a herculean effort, but MYPICTURE is already playing its part. To date, 600,000 kg of plastic recovered from our oceans has gone into producing MYPICTURE’s high-quality photo products – and that figure will keep rising.


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