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Picanova GmbH again listed in the Encyclopaedia of German World Market Leaders

Five years after being listed for a first time, Picanova GmbH, which owns the leading photo service provider MEINFOTO, has again been included in the Encyclopaedia of German World Market Leaders. The Encyclopaedia, compiled and published annually by Prof. Bernd Venohr, honours 1,600 German firms considered to be international market leaders. Picanova has again been listed as a world market leader for custom wall decoration.

"We’re very proud to have been included in the Encyclopaedia of World Market Leaders for a second time," says Philipp Mühlbauer, co-founder and managing director of Cologne-based Picanova GmbH. "With our steadily growing portfolio of custom photo items, we keep our finger on the pulse of the market, helping us to win millions of loyal customers in over 170 countries." Mühlbauer, who founded the company together with his brother Daniel, sees himself as bearing a particular social responsibility.

“We brought an idea to life, starting from a little garage in Cologne – and over the years, with a lot of diligence, a lot of skill and a bit of luck, we’ve become a real global player. Even in a year as challenging as 2020 we’ve enjoyed great success, and we’re very grateful for that.” In recognition of the company’s achievements this year, even against the turbulent background of Covid-19, all employees are to receive a special bonus. "None of this would have been possible without our great team, so there's a little more for everyone this year," says Mühlbauer happily. Picanova have also donated more than 100,000 medical face masks to healthcare facilities in Germany.

Another issue important to the brothers is sustainability. "We try to do our bit. We plant 30,000 trees a year, and we’ve already reclaimed over 1 million kilograms of plastic from the environment and recycled it to make our premium picture frames," says Mühlbauer.

Companies must satisfy strict criteria to be listed in the Encyclopaedia of World Market Leaders. Only firms whose sales are at least 50% international, who supply at least 60 countries, and who maintain sales offices and/or production facilities on three or more continents qualify for inclusion. “Picanova actually manage to exceed some of these thresholds by a significant margin, so we’re delighted to be able to present them with this accolade again,” comments Prof. Venohr.

German photo products in demand worldwide

“Made in Germany” is still a sought-after stamp of quality, and this certainly applies to the photo canvas prints that have been Picanova’s signature line for many years. But the company’s portfolio is diverse, and many of their other photo products – custom wall decoration and home textiles – are winning admirers fast. “Our wallpaper, blinds and rugs, all of which we manufacture to the buyer’s specifications, are particularly popular,” Mühlbauer continues.


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