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Picanova invests in and enters the Web3/NFT space

Picanova, the Cologne-based world market leader in the field of mass customized wall decoration and interior design products, is extending its technology capabilities by investing in, a leading Berlin-based provider of non-fungible-token (NFT) marketplace technology.

Turning NFTs into physical products is still wishful thinking for the majority of NFT creators because current platforms only function digitally. But now Picanova and are joining forces to create a platform that enables artists, designers and other digital creators to offer complementary print products like wall decoration, apparel, and accessories that are tied to unique NFT collections. This platform will connect the on-chain and off-chain worlds on a global scale – by combining blockchain technology with customized print-on-demand merchandise.

"We’re delighted to say that the amazing technology delivers is enabling us to build a 360-degree platform for the creator economy," says Philipp Mühlbauer, founder and co-CEO of Picanova. "With our ability to produce up to 500,000 customized products per day and our deep experience working with creators, we’re well positioned to enable the digital business models of tomorrow. This makes us a global full-service provider for the creator economy by enabling everyone to monetize their intellectual property (IP) in both Web3 and the physical world – all from one source and on one platform.“

Daud Zulfacar, founder and co-CEO of, adds: “With Picanova we’ve found our ideal partner for We were looking for a strategic investor who shares the same vision of the rise of the creator economy and can add extra value to our existing solution. Picanova’s product expertise and their passion for enabling creativity makes them a perfect match.”

Besides digital creators, Picanova sees potential for traditional merchandise players like sports franchises, media brands, and musicians to enhance their existing revenue streams – they can create NFT collections tied to certified, limited-edition merchandise that’s backed by individual blockchain-based tokens. By utilizing blockchain technology, Picanova’s platform certifies ownership and eliminates a pain point that brands often face: counterfeit merchandise products.

Mühlbauer can reveal some upcoming highlights: "Fans around the world will be able to support their idols by buying and trading NFTs that are tied to physical products. Brands and digital creators can build up their own communities where certified merchandise products serve as an easy, user-friendly access point. The launch of our platform is scheduled in the upcoming month, and anyone interested can register at to apply for a spot in the beta launch program of the platform.”

About Picanova Picanova, with its best-known brand MEINFOTO, is one of the world's leading online photo service providers and is recognized as the global leader in personalizable wall and home decor. Our 5 plants in the USA, Germany, Poland and Latvia are capable of producing over 500,000 products per day, each customized to our customers' specifications. We ship to over 170 countries and operate over 20 company-owned online stores, powered by cutting-edge technology and world-class marketing.

About, winner of the 2020 Deep Tech award in the blockchain category, was founded in 2017. Since its foundation, the Berlin-based technology company has developed a full-service NFT marketplace technology that powers on-chain brand experiences for fans to trade and collect NFTs. By utilizing decentralized blockchain technology and cryptographic systems, enables the business models of tomorrow in the creator economy.


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