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Picanova teams up with Embody Digital, who wins Visual 1st ‘Best Technology’ Award

Picanova and Embody Digital teamed up for Visual 1st that took place in San Francisco last week. Ari Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Embody Digital, presented his solution to create personalized avatars from 3D scans. As a highlight, Embody Digital animated Hans Hartmann, Chair of Visual 1st, who was 3D-scanned by Picanova’s full body scanner during photokina at the end of September in Cologne. The partnership was a great success, resulting in the ‘Best Technology’ being awarded to Embody Digital for animating Picanova’s 3D scan during the conference.

Ari Shapiro, Founder of Embody Digital, comments: “We are thrilled receiving this award. The ability to control our online digital personas - what we look like, what we say and how we are seen - has never been greater than what is possible today with 3D scanning and embodiment technologies.”

“The award shows us that 3D scans and animated avatars for gaming or sporting apps are the future. We will continue working together with Embody Digital and offer our combined products and services to various industry sectors worldwide” said Philipp Mühlbauer, co-founder and managing director of Picanova Group. “Besides animating people from their 3D full body scans, we look forward to also deriving measurements for cloth fitting purposes.”


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