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CANVASDISCOUNT: Sheer flexibility: a new era of wall decoration with MixPix photo tiles

No more holes in your wall, no more tired old routine when it comes to wall decoration: brand-new MixPix from can be stuck on your wall, removed easily – leaving no residue – and reapplied as often as you like. The durable adhesive pads, produced by tesa®, hold firm to any surface without causing damage. Sized at 20x20cm, MixPix set themselves apart with their crisp definition and vibrant colours. And ordering is quite simple: uploading the photos of your choice requires no app and no login, and your order is completed in a few easy steps. Priced at just $8 an image, if you order 9 or more MixPix shipping is free!

Joey Toh, Director of Marketing, E-Commerce & Online, was pleased to announce the latest new line from "With MixPix we’re revolutionizing the market for individualized wall decor. It’s never been easier to hang up your own photos, add new pictures and then move them around according to your current mood – without leaving marks on the wall.” He added that thanks to a foam core MixPix are particularly light, and the adhesive pads from tesa® ensure a dependable, long-lasting hold.

Whether arranged as a neat grid, in unusual patterns or set off against the staircase, with MixPix there are no limits to your creativity. Any square Instagram picture or family snapshot will be ideal to use. With a quick ordering process requiring no apps or login, and a great low price of $8 per picture, there’s never been a more creative, flexible way to decorate your walls.


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