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The Customization Group: Picanova Group Rebrands as the Leading Name in Mass Customization

Picanova Group, renowned as the world market leader in customized wall decor, proudly announces its rebranding as The Customization Group. This strategic move reflects the company’s significant growth, diversification, and expansion into new products and sales channels, including textiles, apparel, paper goods, accessories, and more.

As the global e-commerce market leader in personalized on-demand goods, The Customization Group operates five production sites worldwide, capable of producing over 500,000 customized products daily. With over 1000 people working for the company across the globe, it offers individually tailored B2B and API solutions, powered by innovation and cutting-edge technology.

“The rebranding to The Customization Group signifies our evolution from a traditional photo product company to an industry leader offering comprehensive mass customization solutions. Our mission remains the same: to make millions of people worldwide happy with our truly unique, high-quality products at affordable prices,” says Philipp Mühlbauer, the co-founder and co-CEO of The Customization Group.

In line with the rebranding, The Customization Group plans to launch a series of innovative product offerings and services, further solidifying its market leadership. Sustainability remains at the core of the company’s business model, with products strictly produced on-demand, reducing excess consumption and resource waste. Mass customization offers corporations and retailers the opportunity to provide personalized products at scale, fostering a more sustainable future.

With its cutting-edge production lines and new operational methods, The Customization Group is poised to lead the global mass customization market, offering unmatched personalized on-demand products, B2B solutions, and API services tailored to individual customer preferences. The ESG-friendly advantages of mass customization are already benefiting large enterprise clients such as Telekom and Vodafone and retailers such as Aldi and Lidl.

For more information on The Customization Group and its range of personalized products and services, visit the company’s website at

About The Customization Group

Originating from Picanova's innovative spirit in 2006, in a modest garage in Cologne, The Customization Group has evolved into one of the world's top mass customization providers. Operating across multiple business verticals, TC Group caters to millions of customers worldwide, delivering bespoke solutions powered by innovation and state-of-the-art technology. The group boasts five production sites in the U.S., Germany, Poland, and Latvia, with a combined daily production capacity of over 500,000 customized products shipped to more than 170 countries globally.


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