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Partnership: The Customization Group & Fressnapf 

We're excited to announce a partnership between The Customization Group and Fressnapf Holding SE, leveraging our combined expertise to offer personalized pet products. 

Fressnapf Fotos Powered by The Customization Group: This service transforms pet photos into premium canvas prints, tote bags, and blankets, ensuring high-quality, vibrant, and customizable designs. 

Partner Highlights: 

The Customization Group brings cutting-edge customization technology and a capacity for mass production, enhancing the personal connection between pets and owners. 

Fressnapf offers extensive industry knowledge and a wide consumer base, dedicated to improving pet care experiences through quality, personalized offerings. 

This collaboration between The Customization Group and Fressnapf leverages our innovative technology and market insight to meet the rising demand for personalized pet products. Our print-on-demand model not only sets new standards in customization but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste, echoing our commitment to eco-friendly practices, and strengthening the bond between pets and their owners. 

Visit the Fressnapf Foto Store:


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